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18 Oct 2007


my institution is back - for essential re-consideration.

you have taken economy, radio) my quality -

a strong, massive governmental Mail.

unbiased inner health appears to determine all my treated daily documentaries,

My outer health - retained service.

you, my generic you , abysmally false as action bearer ...

always cutting BBC news short

hand and looks and economy with the same argument :

drama of poetic strikes with cuts over all these standard decades.

live your letter media bureaucracy compromising tradition....

have superb view) over BBC ....

redundant, my generic u , take care of my individual

oh, my multi-channel suffering

on the long-term Journalism forefront......with the public as public.

- making redundancies redundancies we redundancy redundancies


  • At 4:10 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    a poem based on your

  • At 4:22 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Ha ha!! Yeah! Cool Carmen - I like it :-)

    Next I'm going to emigrate from the UK so I don't have to put up with this sh*t any more !!


  • At 5:12 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    uk is picturesque and sweet, simon...look again and very closely...

  • At 5:36 pm , Blogger crescent said...


    The numbers of people leaving UK have gone up a lot....

    Need I say more!!


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