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1 Oct 2007

Vespers (18)

censure (hush)
arrives at garden
and the gate is warm
is heavy with standpoints

midnight prayers evolve
into commitment as
stillness conforming
with a modesty Platonic

one would dream then
keep the fathering
of mist to turn
dew breathed across the green

young evidence comprising
emblem of a happiness
held still and seen
and loved (a talisman)

showing renewal (would
breath open) for others
along the stream
this relay of belief


  • At 10:18 pm , Blogger ed schenk said...

    what a beautiful concept of evidence. All of a sudden i knew why i made that image.

    So i used your text (out of context) to clarify that image posted here ..........


  • At 2:17 am , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    Thank you, Ed. I love what you have done with the words on your site and with your work. Gracias!


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