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5 Dec 2007

elicit figures have distorting
ceased to explain recently
the any trope posit-
ion de objet nous

flack is intended to squash spirit LoLing Freudian echoes in moon lit tar pert in entertainment 4 releases evacuous head 4 6 figures reminder to cascade in init intuit inuit. Par terse cunnilingus post

A welder by heart, I find implicit in dance roofers thatcher the usefulness of footsteps particularly in a crowd of 3 people

recent videos have implied that a full masturbate should echo regulation of sunbeds and other devices that may discolour ones lungs, intoxicate clean as rope and other mothing insiducessence of glamorous dirty sex

par vouz extraordinary events
since elbows are steps pose event in a tent
93 yellow is the future and the memory
partner for business or sex or scoot
atomos concubine corrugate cumulate
marriage to alien

parboil escent abscension felis vulpes

mostly when writing I create numerous hand movements or walk then shift my arm to an irregular position

Jazz lunge and kick walk around don't stay at the side because your partner will receive an elbow in her face! I know! and ladies watch your 6 inch heels on the cha cha cha moves yes that's 2 and a half turns for the man. No I'm not fucking ready 2 minutes man 2 minutes

the first page should
be on the right
the second on the left
the third is the mystery
of the pigeon
apathetic fallacy fellatio felicidades
the fourth an action an reaction
complex disjoint
the fifth scream
6 calm happiness Reiki head massage
the quantum nexus
pour vous
runaround runaround
is a thought orbiting
blue colour blue


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