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31 Dec 2007

vespers 37...(fill-in-the-blanks attitude)

consciousness flutters to quiet
a small guide is seen floating upwards
now the gesture bird enlists space
a new pantheon is born, sofia

plans blend
the little Dracula paws the night scene attentively
inside the mind a window
into a honey & ivory pandemonium
just beyond the light, glass borders
onto puddles of hyperborean cold
intelligence evaporates with wince

tarnished postmodern mysteries on shelves
(shelf life of occupation polishes perception)
Hopi clay statues victimized

'when I close my eyes'
I see the shades of previous pasts with
some specific spirit
stuck deep into the Scythian night clay
powdery wings close ranks yes
yes, statues in search of continental thieves
in eternal groves where victim texts divide

to sleep appears unrushed
but continental interpreters in tails do sleep

room of text elastic as all summer


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