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30 May 2008

Coz we now create da media

Coz we now create da media
we shove emoticize sense
or we employ agents to redirect
intent shun the spurs

I shouldn't read this
I wouldn't if I were you
I probably shouldn't write it
my electronic publisher

rasped by decadent clitoral by-
standers, roaming as art moderne, I should
(realising now as if I should 'ave got it
twice as frank as you)

incensed by the incredible amount of media
not bovvvered whether it good
bad or indifferent i un
sense distance coz

we should have patented the whole
game, call it a new renaissance, we
should be more broad minded and
not so passive or broody

neurosis, psychosis, Alzheimers
OCD, paranoia - I wouldn't worry about this lot
I'd worry about Chicken flu and
sittin' the Sun too long

But I'm far too bloody-minded
for this game of soldiers
Cancer, isolation, illnesses caused by emotions
they bother me more than a

bit of worry by a thing that ain't
gonna happen, duck yes mobile phone
testosterone, see ca va? this is it
the whole fuckin shootin match

on yer interactive telly - you won't
think the same again my friend
these are the texts the re writing
of knowledge thought and its

consekwensez in action. hey!
yoo don't have to believe me
but if i shout a bit
your more likely to turn your head

and listen before some other fucker
gits the limelight, with a dodgy degree
and some time in the spot light
from reading this text here

*poem may need to be read backwards, however this is not necessary, but you may reperceive the meaning/intention if you do. If you prefer, you can read a couple of verses backwards and one forwards. But this isn't the thought-police and you can read it how you like!


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