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25 May 2008

The End of Postmodernism


I found this wonderful article "The End of Postmodernism" by Dr. W.Large.
This is one of very few articles relating to Postmodernity that have had any positive effect upon me. Most seem to rehash the same (rather anxious) ideas, often concluding that Postmodernity is a kind of pointlessness of everything!! How ridiculous! Admittedly the changes we are going through are profound and occurring very quickly, but they are changes that will lead to societies that will identify with something more cohesive and certain. I love the way Dr. Large points out that "binary opposition" (of thought and categorisation of things/phenomena) is actually becoming redundant and leads to a position where Postmodern articles attack this mode of comprehension, when, to the general public, it is obviously inapt! By doing this, articles on Postmodernity actually continue the (static) position of Postmodernism and, ultimately argue against a Modernism that (like Ecriture) is no longer relevant, except to those that consider it!

Dr. Large also ridicules the idea that Postmodernity is about anything cultural. He describes it as being synonymous with capitalism. There is little doubt that Western societies are becoming more and more capitalist! He also describes it as a continuation of Modernity, rather than a distinct cultural movement. I strongly agree with this. His notes on the arts and capitalism, bring hope to arts practitioners for the future and an explanation of the current over-commercialism of the arts.



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