3 May 2008

4 Faces

Here, the female form acts as a medium for emotional expression and ideas. All images are digital art, using an original photograph (self portrait) by Miss Boux
The female form also allows an "automatic aesthetic" that inspires, or acts as a generating force far artistic expression. For me, it is always difficult to justify a divide between popular/commercial and high/serious art. Here, I am being somewhat didactic, in the sense that I am trying to express my knowledge of both traditional and digital art forms in these pictures. Hopefully, this informs others about the possibilities of digital art and it's links to traditional art forms. I also hope that it exemplifies the fact that commercial art forms and high art forms are currently, in constant flux and it is virtually impossible to apply any kind of value system to new art forms. Indeed a crafts person may use far higher levels of technical skill than a contemporary, conceptual artist. Unfortunately, the powers that be cannot keep up with contemporary experiments in the arts, and therefore they hold on to outdated value-judgements that exclude many, with ever more voracity.

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