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10 May 2008


An art is creating inspiration
the blank page of esoteria.
Narcissus unfolds his lust
for examination

He wonders why now, he
cannot touch his reflection?

If he reflects his reflection
by a waterless prism
maybe his aforementioned flower
would be more pluckable?


The camera's eye, the novel
An eye by another's eye
would conquer a whole world of limitations

backed by legislations, the
squeeze and squash could rely
upon an eye for an eye
an automated artist

Spinning fanciful near realities
academic truths
a scuppered soul breathed
into an artificial arene.


"chance" "remedy" "malaise" "mechanize" "image"
"daughter" "histoire" emphasize cr ate
imp icit " ember cache r depl y Literature
late p rt Ts lev r ""p] ti he
ECR676iTuTT&Re ""abso ity fqeiCkred
ACDENic sic s ck
"£ "
I need a new art movement
Sappho? Morgan?

I feel his armour rushingthrough tangles of trees

I need a new art movementSappho? Morgan?

I feel his armour rushingthrough tangles of trees

(A big pay cheque would

make my poem a film)

Mordred, son of a sorcerer

and sorceress

Maddened by spells and evil.

He rises when the king is

sick and the land is as barren

as artificiality.

Once we have driven for miles,

when due New York weather

in pepper-clouded English skies

we catch the spell of a rainbow

bold, visible yet, quite impossible.

Before the Sun sets deep red

like in oriental skies

our rainbows appear, momentarily

Orange white and green

As if the "yellow brick road"

lead (by some strange apparition)

East, East and further still!


  • At 10:27 am , Blogger carmen racovitza said...

    i eye the trees
    the little flower withers under my camera's scrutiny

    she "mechanizes" touch realities
    a Morgan Le Fey malaise touches me
    a Morgan Le Fey histoire
    rises Morgan
    from her half-dead death

    i don't feel any real movement before my pluckable eyes

    your English rainbows lead my eye to the rushing trees' green camera armour
    "As soul the poem needs a road", says i
    in my academic examination

    the eye wonders it is so tired

    for 8bject reflects the movement
    and Sappho is plain esoteria

    would Sappho make movement ?

    she is the blank sorcerer and apparition)rainbow - she is skies in movement creating illicit prisms

    spell ECR676iTuTT&Re
    spell the truth

  • At 6:20 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    send me a new invite?
    word verification: gdfkpxh

  • At 6:03 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    now truth has shifted amongst another layer
    We must forget truth that was truth and begin truth that is not truth
    and this, for now is truth;
    a truth as opaque as realities amongst realities


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