21 Oct 2008

casualties of rawwar.

World War III (april 16th,17th,18th, 2006) separated the spiral (non-physical) plane and the spatial (physical) plane on earth, because of the destruction of the ozone. Mankind mutated in veganvampires and omnivorous zombies, battling each other. Some months ago, Canadian veganvampire Araeallia discovered the spiral plane (it is, the collective dream state plane where earth seems to be still ozone-contained and inhabited by no-mutated humans when WWIII didn’t happen) separated from the physical plane where she lies. Since then, occasionally worldwide veganvampires make involuntary –and some times scary- apparitions in the spiral plane.

In this case a post-beaten trauma involuntary apparition of a veganvampire seriously face-damaged by omnivorous zombies in the middle of WorldWar IV, the RawWar, Monday October 20 th , 2008.

casualties of rawwar.

Photo: Carolina Monroy.
Art Co-direction: Cristina Guevara.

“A.y.b.i.l.” (all.you.bleed.is.love) Mask :
Design/ Made by: Cristina Guevara & No para Innita.

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