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6 Oct 2008

Vespers (74)

Mercury in retrograde spoiled and spawned an otherwise perfect day.
Cool for a change, car windows open
all the way to the places we saw twice,
parking in the same location both times.

I often have no chance to hear you laugh.
Sky today rained down its creased blue.

At night now, I read a beautiful account
of a retreat minus the adjectives.
Assemblages of art forms
come to live behind my eyes.

It's time to pray again.
There will be wild lace light over farm skin.
Once we have shown favor to cloth,
a quiet will conform to my soft face.

Happiness is just like voiced insinuation minus trebling.
Playthings left out in the yard,
As close to clarity as breath intends.

Good guess, one thinks.
Silver under light.
Metallic shy and charm warm.


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