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16 Oct 2008

Responses to the "Credit Crunch" - David Lewis Baker

2 Digital Art images by David Lewis Baker, in response to the "Credit Crunch". Top image entitled "Monument to the Unknown Trader (Market Failure #1)" and the lower image entitled "Not to Scale (Market Failure #4)".
It's great to see an artist addressing contemporary issues that affect us all. Here, David shows us that art can address practical problems as well as abstract concerns. This is a great example of art acting as a stimulus to reflection, idea generation and, potentially problem-solving/creative solutions. I also like the accessibility of Davids' images, for example the text "Lessons of History (Forgotten)" and "Bonus Culture" in "Not to Scale" graphically portray central issues connected to the "Credit Crunch", reflecting an awareness that many of us can relate to. The shattering of the sculptural images in "Monument to the Unknown Trader" also clearly reflect the recent collapse of financial institutions and the inability of Capitalism to escape its own weaknesses. I believe the image also reflects the artificial constructs of a Hyper Real age, subsumed by technological communications, artificiality and "mass hysteria", via media saturation. There is no doubt that recent events in global markets have been exacerbated by the knowledge that problems exist!
The full "Market Failure" series can be viewed on David's Flickr page
Both Images are Copyright David Lewis Baker all rights reserved.


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