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8 Jul 2007

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  • At 7:16 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Merci Carmen

    You are blue!


  • At 8:05 pm , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    Carmen, Carmen. Is that YOU? Is it true (true)?

  • At 1:57 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    yep, it's me me matter how much i hate the idea !!lol

    blue and smiling and moo

  • At 4:54 pm , Blogger neon said...

    Doo, doo, dooohoo, doo, doo
    doo, doo, doo, doo, do-do, doohoo

    Don't you wonder sometimes
    'Bout sound and vision

    Blue, blue, electric blue

    dank je wel Carmen

  • At 6:44 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    ya ba da ba dooo
    oh, ye
    ya ba da ba dooo
    doo doo dooo dooo

    try to preserve the carmen vision
    in a blue-blue-blue electric hue
    you, you, too
    my double double you
    oh, you...

    (the frenzied me...
    thank you)

  • At 8:04 pm , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    you look MAH velous

    (to quote the great Billy Crystal being Ricardo M):
    "It's bettah to look good than to feel good dahling"

  • At 7:24 am , Blogger carmen said...

    ha ha ha, sheila....

    i definitely FEEL


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