28 Jul 2007

on stealing crescent's words...

we attempt Internet /West usage. (Yahoo).

Egyptian Time changes Internet atrophy. we come with an emotion and a spiritual increasing habit for patience in fear, photographing it. we argue with the situation, personal as it is, organizing that escape - physical and casual- into the Internet which is unbearably perceptive and too immediate. companies…. it allows the manifest Internet products become bad Intellectual {nuclearly} controlled effects. Perhaps, selfishly, the experience days lead us towards the same But, a decade journey perception that can place creativity near utopia, without any real boundaries… good link responsibilities. …From "heaven", with shift space perceivable. The biases necessarily instigate and create a manageable maturity/ creativity. poses. in real solipsistic flux. with collective consequences.

our plays ask for short-term over-mechanized responses as we discourage the intangible. the popular "truths" created are a reaction to anonymous experience while the website irony exacerbates the really youthful with change, via pill self. Ultimately, society/reality cause change. Internet acceptance education role is questioned by discussion reality. compromised reality. compromised discussion. with accurate, genetic restrictive consequences upon freedom and isolation..…human…. Internet- cloning independent televisions- creates habitat boundaries. we cope with all virtual Surrealist worlds unless we still have actual and direct contact with the REAL WORLD .


internet reality= heaven reality. despise it for a moment. for the sake of the compromised time thinker. eat this atrophy voraciously, alternatives transcend human relationships, because there is a substance of good sense that makes us free and keeps us independent. Intellectual youth prepare manifests, is escapism the thing? reality cheats Along our patience through constructs in flux. not demain, but later, fleeting package ideas will be quickly censored …the trash will be swallowed as time prefers flux boundaries. The West perverts much of the swallowing actuality by juggling with mature half-truths on the arena of immortality…

we…..always Human …always aujourd'hui

genetic immortality creates a virtual society of increasing wisdom, where the Living is replaced by an intelligence of Change , of time change… aging as autodidact transcending media: time timelessness = vane course.

our beloved bomb Internet acts ever so unpredictably, its real due course is gonna be an alteration of any long-term values.


the passive self as a Flickr snapshot.

Today, development of Internet “death” touches intangible boundaries, but Creativity becomes palpable inside and outside it, the public children relieve live advertising to the good world.
a Freedom measurable in terms of Science pain….

in the meantime , the Time-obsessed… hypereal as they are… accept their immature death.

wisdom, slight

red light....blue light


crescent said...

Oh Yeah! Cool!!

Thanks Carmen

Little Lamb said...

Stealing words are we? :-)