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11 Jul 2007


How can I tell if you remain my template the duration magnifies?
And how churching are the neon lines across steamed yellow brick?
All outcast is a crime, and she has shielded me.
Against my nature, hurts my simple nature.

Is her angel only sacrifice?
Scruff of the neck someone.
Mantra because habit says we will.
Parade beyond ephemera before epoxy to declare the v-shape shut.

In a minute mood will sort out an incapable young feeling.
There are loads of sore wrist bones.
When I limit what you mean I may pronounce the thought of fire.
This daylight justice flinches as I fibbon all these glass eyes in a row.

Compare jury duty to my reading speed.
The vestments whitely stowed away,
Equivalent rose items in the parcel
Now at at the dot of six beyond the downtime.


  • At 7:17 am , Blogger carmen said...

    my angel says yellow magnifies

    if you shut your Mantra
    if you have it shut

    my angel
    with his neck shielded
    beyond recognition
    with an Equivalent scarf of wrist bones

    swimming in white

    will have
    hir thoughts get into my Scruff bones

    Mantra my nature angel nature

    thought reading in a row row
    with reading eyes
    but sore

    rose speed

  • At 9:51 pm , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    lovely, Carmen, lovely

  • At 7:21 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    it's crazy, sheila, and confusing, too...


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