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18 Mar 2008


Zero mass is a great blast
don't dis me yo neutrino
man, mi cortex vortex protest
convex complex Sisyphus
columbine column line
grid lock fuck off

thy market will eat its self
recessionary progressionary
revisionary metaphorical reality
incest crows nest
camera-shy revolution
underpinning renaissancairy

glib testicular ever ready
Ringo Starr Berlin Wall
Hammer Head
loan me a loan (Cutty Sark)
to pay back the loan to
pay the loan to prop up the bank

Merci beaucoup! Ca va? (Tax me)
Ca va bien merci et vous?
A la busca (chanson) my heart
cache-cache! Cherche encore! (Taxi)

music video music video music video {CODA S.}
music video music video music video
Dusty Springfield!
Paul Simon!
Diana Ross!
Out of the washing tide
the pomegranate, dolphin
Aristotle and Aphrodite
the fickle stickle whimsical
liberal beautiful musical
artificial money
poured the wit energy of
immeasurable selection
swirling tides fish pupae
necromancy hurricane whirl wind
beating at the fist of Zebra
Octopus and Giraffe
the Lion stood wisely
nodded like a shrimp unshelled
our apathetic fallacy!

Quel abre? Quel abre du reves?
De connaissence?


  • At 10:27 pm , Blogger ed schenk said...

    grid locked necromancers
    unshelling metaphorical

    merci beaucoup Simon

  • At 3:38 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Thank you Ed. This accidently "fell out" via my pen, yesterday, when I had numerous chores to do - that had to wait!!!!



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