25 Mar 2008

Vespers (49)

hotel water is running steam
another room is drying
I afforded vegetables grilled
tonight and I afforded salad
I afforded salmon (wild)
it is my justice to be whole
a little while

you are my gesturing
the white afraid condoning
what experience extends
beside attention and intention
some of me is here
and there you reach to locate
intersection it is beautiful
outside tonight

outside tonight the thought
of a wild peace conveys
wingspan and lateral pronunciation
when the wind tenders a breath across
fourth avenue we are a song
including rests and guesses
and we unearth eternity
from its cavern of convention

auspices of silhouettes remain
the lines touching the other lines
the lines enmeshed in being
quite the smooth indulgent lines
the atmosphere of taking
what is offered and bestowing
blessed use upon an object
being yet another object

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