5 Mar 2008

Nicolas Ulloa: "chilling is my business and business is good"

Nicolas Ulloa is an accomplished graphic artist born in Bogotá to a family of artists. He specializes in multimedia work, web design and motion graphics.
He recently has studied under award wining animator Carlo Guillot.
He has exhibited his illustration work at Galeria Colombiana De Diseño where he won the call to participate in the homage to Lewis Carroll “unbirthday”; where he was selected among hundreds of contestants.
This young talent surprises us with his broad range of skill and sensitivity in his drawing.
Known for being a musician and a composer in his personal as well as client based projects. He is the founder of the Ska pioneer band Skartel Sound System, which has shared stage with the legends like The Skatalites and “Autenticos Decadentes”.
Nicolas Ulloa’s biggest design project to date, was his collaboration on the the uber-website, that combines the best of sites like MySpace and you tube for multinational Cognizant; a member of NASDAQ 100. This project encompasses an internal social networking website with thousands of members worldwide, where Nicolas’s participation in this mega project, included, Games layouts, Motion Graphics videos and collage style layouts, which gives it a unique concept and a fresh Image of a well traveled connoisseur that adventures the world without limitation and brings closer together the company’s employees.

Q: Nicolas, how long did this project lasted and how where you involved in it?
A: This is a project where I participated as a freelance Graphic Designer working from Bogotá, commissioned By Lead Dog, which works with another marketing agency in Bogotá. It lasted about 4 months. My participation included the making of more than 58 web pages layouts with 9 basic layouts and adobe after effects animation for the videos and wallpapers.

Q: What personal projects are you working on now?
A: I am working on my solo music projects of electronic contemporary music. Including rock, Latin music and reggae.
I also have a radio. And in the design ground I have personal projects where I create animation based on my music.


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