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27 Mar 2008

the crucifixition will be televised.

Watching the sigur rós’s “vaka” videoclip less than a hour ago I did remember the cruel conclusion I have settled, back in 2005, for “astroenteritis” plot :

Christine, an agnostic 9-year old girl, a nurse’s daughter, permits being tortured and then being sacrificed for ending the World War III in a political negotiation before planet earth dies. Then, planet earth stays alive despite the ozone layer is already destroyed.

I wanted, and now I want it back, to “un-sexualize” my Jesucristina character so the message don’t astray from the focus, which its strong message is comparing children as defenseless and tortured beings in the same way non-vegan people permit with animals.

Moreover, videoclips as the mentioned above and shocking movies as “voces inocentes” make part of this “hidden” truth about children being tortured everyday.

….. I think this is the proper ending for that shocking storyline of mine; even it’s too painful for me in making it and I suppose that’s the reason why I had left this possible conclusion behind.

Now it’s (sadly) official.

. So this deadly ending leads to the present separated realities of Araeallia & Innita para No, in the World War IV.



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