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14 Oct 2006

the curse of the baba yaga

the   Q cyber
curse of   which reality planes intersect
the baba yaga   is more real in that world

the curse of the baba yaga; Dreaming in Neon 2006

<#concatenate> fresh spray of petals <&>
tim gaze
<&> neon <=> transient manga

prelude to the curse of the baba yaga ~~~~~~


  • At 2:18 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    This is just so good!!!


  • At 3:18 pm , Blogger machinegunBANG said...

    Neon, this is absolutely fantastic. Really brillant. The colors remind me of the darker parts of the city at night, the feeling of it reminds me of Tokyo. Gorgeous.

  • At 2:48 pm , Blogger Neon said...

    thank you :)


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