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19 Oct 2006

no title

Boris bacchus laureate
soiree, sashay doppelganger domini
you want to sleep with my wife?
Cool. Sort it

Menage a trois. One Two
You want them? ASBO
luncheon fish feel fish think
fish talk pantheon

Doppler shift moulin rouge
the sun shines out of your behind
le petite dejeuner
I'm just like you [to the tooth]

unblemished initiative,
idee fix it's all the others [imitative]
Vous-mangez a chanson

Sasha is pathological
she is anima too literal
Surgery Direct 4 U
wound imbibed on forehead,

You. We've set sail a thousand words
a little life
a little death
We'll finish at the finit verse



  • At 2:45 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am speechless. This is amazing.


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