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28 Oct 2006


having claimed endorphins, now I revel in
endorphins, now that the endorphins
have come home to hide my sadness
all the sadness has gone in,
all pleasure is rehearsing
each rehearsal has gone well
and in mid-daylight every molecule
comes forth and fingers the indicatives
along the path my sadness, swollen only yesterday,
goes quiet every time I find it
having let endorphins be released
I know now patches of the sun
open to tips of light collected
in the act of sun
where all my sadness has gone flat
symphonic bliss comes naturally
the lithe tones limber as a trill
repeat themselves in character
respond to newfound selves
each one myself each happiness a mist
that softens sunlight whose own sunshine kin
lives breathfully
and even silence in the rest zone
laces figures of new speech
I claim to have allowed in with endorphins
having learned release


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