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20 Oct 2006

No title [aleatoric type]

Boris bacchus laureate soiree,
shines out of your behind-pathogenesis
unblemished initiative,
idee fix it'sSurgery
gicalshe is anima too domini
literal e've set sail a thousand words
a little lifeDoppler Cool. Sort itshift
moulina little deaththe
tooth]it verseDirect 4 Uwound
imbibed on forehead,You.
W dejeunerI'm just like all the others
[imitative]Vous-mangez a chansonsashay
doppelganger you want Menage a trois
to sleep with my wife?
One TwoYou want them?
ASBOSasha is patholo
We'll finish at the finluncheon fish feel
fish thinkfish talk pantheonrougethe sunle
petite you [to Birth.


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