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10 Oct 2006


Una nuccatta nuccatta nuccatta
en in on
neo revercs cirt ified

Uno Un for explicit tex
t I do alors
complicit implicit micogrogram

pica cosmic ya etre
aux shoe string
mao nao intent po
effit sado recherche

petit sublime as abstructive
as pottery summershadowbine
the hole sheik has it witdow
pro timbrate

duffa duffa fud
ge fuk out of ere
star lit dance halls
somnambulambent faust i

an tic too flatter me et
your self
wages for penance ice age artic
ulate anyone lately?

Harry K Stammers purcell like
lists grove at weasil road
rouge lorries a columbine metaphor for fuck
diction implies

breakdown of society
fluke of the womb, press't
intense allegory
should sir be music here

music down here
for you lose the state of art
i must i must
avoid process poetry

cards avec visatimbre
octave huit attende
una masque del sombriety
filmic film youth on camera

era error mac on the turnstyle
skivalitis ne'er re: message for shirley
reply in motion
I wish kitsch shite

automatic sludge
i'll fuck you on the railway inn
cest un mallard half a pheasant
fucked as shit

dead dodo who
ne'er 'eard of 'im
the strange canvas
desert of your backside


  • At 2:32 pm , Blogger harry k stammer said...

    ok... i'd love to hear this spoken

    cheers, harry

  • At 2:58 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Just to make clear, this is not about you Harry lol

    Just inflections, impressions - the current state of the UK



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