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19 Aug 2008

So Much Intrinsic

So much intrinsic bonnie
milady poisson de turret Des in/tune
ect. Aunt Flo repeaters/ remorse S
cheese souffle abbortrition nutri/ wears
re-regulate st re-ordering des nous
henri/ lichen tundra on topsoil?

scalp pardon crap colliguate cancer
cod scratchings so much over here/brick
over there over where? here
OK here no there where? stylistical
slippage reductionism from practical/ chic!
irony geological strata could be long starter

for onion gravy makes pieces of cheese/ corner shop
stomach Olympic nightmarish gonad
of cheese fritters sloped onto
your favourite lady her feet in
onion gravy
Teller. The Television Om Om

sacred female television dancing pole vaulters
criss-crossing the dongle in the making/ haptic haptic
garish cross-Kentucky Balearic Kenyans floating
as a stream of river bulldogging a hard/ presence
flow steeple chase victorious kelp
trigonometry genius cardium revolve T

egs are legends in their own time/ objet fashionable
buttered bread, hostages Hacket kicks his legs
Television legs Television legs
to concord a film reportage skills jumping hypnotic/
teleost fabrics illusion/
geometric abridge leg pivots in air
regracing silken air vorticize impure intoxic

bar at 4 33 cuttle si perimeter
Chris bloats out trout from the corners
of her mouth in tangent dual with perpetual
borders glass cages like the humanoid monsters from "Alien"
Julie and Allen breaking the TV cage
with cyborg lifelines straddle musical esoteria
blaming their life for swimming pools/ tranquilizer

swimming in the sea at night you
can sea the sliver hazy bodies muddy like
the scalp of the sea line current
paroxysms of sex bloating eggs dismemberment
isolation and fluid horror film/ financial ennui
so scared to drown in your ocean

gathered and splintered by democracy America
is a sea gulped and refathomed mysterious
to the clothes and tabac time abandons
all sleep and knowledge sleeps under welks and Crayfish eggs
so much is everything intrinsic to
so little to tell
when the riddle is far greater than the teller
the art

is the very thing we mustn't and have no time
to miss


  • At 11:33 am , Blogger Raymond Farr said...


  • At 4:44 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Thank you Raymond :-)

    It fell out of my head just yesterday!!


  • At 7:41 am , Anonymous carmen racovitza said...

    the lady's geological

    her hypnotic/ teleost sleeps refathom the fabrics of the floating ocean
    gathered as practical landscape/

    dual air regracing the in/tune reductionism of poetic trigonometry
    Allen esoteria always putting the blame on the corners
    turret hard/

    re-ordering is hard/

    stylistical slippage by word of mouth
    accompanied by musical musical ennui
    kicks my leg
    my markings on it

    "Alien" Julie i am
    blaming the current paroxysms of splintered Teller

    dancing time, julie
    go dancing the impure criss-crossing
    it's so chic!

    remorse for abridged gonads


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