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16 Aug 2008

The Soap

The soap is the greg spade
murmuring hide for 4 minutes story
'Arold mentions duped kitch
en mademoiselle hide of
Byron skilfully
neglected hollow reference causing

moonstruck left over from
paen nuit situ envelope
is sparse creature definition by
Jean and HedgeRow
culled empor wist East gate
ink with that girth /fast

harsh murders fallow
woman sketched carp kernel
recent reasons ordered far /Inuit
'scape blood wretched insult
clever hutch piecing
pith cogent caucasoid
rally at

St. Ives form ashen pivot
sea foam burning cops
cement flounders fire
corpse credule aspic /duress
duty moving Manchester
f'ward climate

scarred for life by a injury
bicycle made for two
eggs money clifton / Julie
Egypt foggy night mare
hearse that frigging listen
sounds are moths

who didn't read poetry
list ten/ joker
Objection 6 a freeing metaphor
apotheosis subject reach
tribes ribs car
ENT peccary im
ply /pan

inspire/ festival
corner immeasure subjects/ species
reduction vision
airy T prim television refer /incredule
blunt fantasm scorched /pastry case
clinging space craft carping result
pasting win by points

cornered ectoplasm /honnette homme
rasp glitch twine cleft splice
southpaw enlightenment cant wistful con
sierges wallow fetid
maw callow rough skew feld
recent rooms vacate people
from swimming pools

Salmon pink pot the black
walls dirty with smoke/physique
rouged by disquiet
near female uprising o'
souls wending wilting then
waxing in bed sheets linen a concocted muse
half bread silken head perforates
the radiators skin

like woman's fingers copious refugees our wandering
late capitalism
breathes ominous souls recherche ask /potion
billy bank
frivolous jazz like fusion
scrapes Modernist shores surer
for flavour like
phrenology diaspora endogenous exodus pheromones Amazons escrit
scut skit scat cats eyes
eyes lies beast best warms to
soap lying fallow
smells clean
looks like a marshmallow


  • At 5:47 pm , Anonymous carmen racovitza said...

    pivot sea skit disquiet
    near radiators fantasm wilting splice

    southpaw ten/ dirty Byron skilfully neglected ectoplasm homme rasp /pan inspire/ piecing pith eyes
    eyes in a HedgeRow
    culled festival corner eyes
    eyes subject television

    pheromone minutes with injury bicycle capitalism breathes /Inuit 'scape
    wins clean looks

    story 'Arold mentions space clean look escrit scut clifton clean looks flavour in /pan inspire/ hollow reasons minutes uprising flavour /potion
    billy ashen ( titi cenusa) reasons capitalism
    breathes concocted duped fallow smells scat
    climate scarred smoke/physique rouged beast
    clifton freeing St. scat pink HedgeRow culled causing moonstruck jazz
    recent wistful con sierges far made envelopes surer for foggy eggs
    twine car ENT from enlightenment ominous foam reads /duress duty Amazon jazz fingers order
    in situ homme

    dirtycliftonsubject hides far into duped story
    recent are prim visions
    airy Modernist rooms ventilate fantasm ectoplasms
    by kitch en /fast harsh /pan inspire/ scat
    carRENT lying rough ribs skew fantasm

    skew points cornered
    recherche clean looks
    splice southpaw creatures room
    bed o' souls televisions

    mademoiselle skilfully neglects recherched listensounds
    waxing sparse Soap spades murmuring refugee black walls :
    mare hearse life night

    capitalism breathes better
    don't you think

    soul pheromones skew subject 4 result: pasting subjects/ wallow by escrit

    scut the black walls
    read cant Salmon exodus in pools

    metaphor: fingers hatch eggs


  • At 11:38 am , Blogger Raymond Farr said...

    what an infusion of language,
    phrases, words, clipped pop images!
    It is striking!
    Ly good!

  • At 4:48 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Thank you Carmen

    Thank you Raymond


  • At 5:51 pm , Anonymous carmen racovitza said...

    thanks, boys... you are my models...and what models you are !!!!
    i like ray
    i like crescent

  • At 5:52 pm , Anonymous carmen racovitza said...

    thanks, boys... you are my models...and what models you are !!!!
    i like ray
    i like crescent


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