22 Aug 2008

Vespers (67)

hollow midnight sleep (shepherds
same breath (temple
an economy (tradition
any father (confidence
each late day (after

pride as simpler and (longevity
some frost (again
a steady (proof
tumbling (demonstrate
place lifts (capstone
from mind sight (predicate

if an azure may (sustain
dwells for indulgent (life
morning then a gentle (saffron
recollection how (within
constructed (range
as is life (tested

1 comment:

carmen racovitza said...

(shepherds sleep under
the same midnight (saffron light

recollection (


indulgent ( morning sleep (then
after pride
comes the gentle day and sight
becomes steady

day is a saffron midnight
quitegentle (

confidence sleeps an azure midnight (capstone lifts sight
to reach the
midnight breath (

proof tumbling (predicates

(wells (sustain life
(predicate if (predicate if

(after pride