17 Aug 2008

Vespers (66)

if I concentrate on part of any letter
it is going to regress to rune,
or it is going to transcend its modular endowment
as a moment in the alphabet amid repose

for now experience is cleansed by sleep
and I remember to make happiness a swivel
to opposing forces all alive within
my breathing and my memory

if I can convey uninterrupted attitude
the same as watching without baggage
all the cells becoming all the cells
from one cell I am speaking for the life

of every moment I complete there is another
moment challenging its place upon
the integer that is the world the same as
letter's fractional exposing of incision


crescent said...

Thank you Sheila

Did you manage to get on to New Renaissance group on Flickr?

ed schenk said...

your brain
watch without baggage

thanks Sheila,

carmen racovitza said...

exposing every breathing
of the letter

its complete space
so narrow so regressive
baggage complete
place same I same same
again and again
a killerI attitude

in the becoming

repose on the fractional attitude
found in the corners and helixes
of these sudden letters
too quick for us
stuffed with the whole grimy world memory of the world
that world
within it

the place becoming one big cell experience exposing challenging breathing

every transcended force in it conveys the incongruous incision alphabet

the breathing moment complete

exposing moment cells


exposing integers