6 May 2007

land (every one) has pulse (and I) attracted to that magnet

fervency is rained on land
and dry attachment
different from a theory
of its own within me
praises light
skin's being here
with on in and thus sparks
of intended fire chafe
surface more than surface
(there is in each ingredient
more than each this)
voice prompts away
the story carved the story
still the story that
comprises layers and is
carved and made again
itself still whole


carmen racovitza said...

the attachment story still attracted me :

-this) voice is an ingredient
-more has to do with pulse

the magnet voice surface has within-
a dry fervency
a dry pulse

all in all
a surface magnet story

(hi, sheila)

Sheila Murphy said...

Yo, Carmen, great. Thanks!

carmen racovitza said...

:) ;) ;) ;), sheila