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9 May 2007

stasis shift

blairite patterns
poco landscape
shrivelled, disheveled
sotto voce our movements are not concerned with remedies nor potency (potency potency) for now it is enough to disengage self consciousness and to be (etre)

I wonder names (quel nombre?) Sheila Murphy's fine interplays and linguistic relocations because I find it so because it is...... Carmen Gonzalez's exploration of the flesh, nothing (femininity) something (the ether of the Internet) and everything (the human condition NOW). The arts now, are an attempt to give expression to a global, human conception of identity. This is what it is to be a human being NOW words like DOING (because one must) BEING (because one is) spring to mind

level 4
concept 4587.5690
to teach
proxy coexist purr
column stage 9
heart rate
housing has nev collate action fuck it can't
essence 5.4
quango trade secret
ghost of memory
modus operandi you too
copyright I.T.Take all rights reserved the authorial intervention
started a trade logo for
they're full of shit parson
you really shouldn't go there Tescos were placing
it is outside the academic system that enquiry is blossoming, now. by enquiry i mean philosophical enquiry artistic thought essays etc. or indeed the thoughts and conversations of people all over the world. the Internet has provided people with an alternative to
the arts become potent
as poetry's death
mirrors Dali's extrapolation (ars artis particular(
the mime of a woman to man
fuck you money out point
of angry for shit all
crying inward hit out
fear spend fuck with eyes
progressive lies primitive
bullshit we're having
none of it take off your fingers
the customer is a leech
9.64 ask for overtime pay
shards gun crime
car crash we live here
recuring repetition thematic
scholastic female shemale hemale
mal de la tete prostitute
de rigueur attempt to relocate
action sale 2340.453bb/h
product placement smell the bacon
multiple pile up
Academia is a huge problem in the west. Now, business-led, funded (mainly) by a government (in UK) that continues to (or attempts to) privatise industry and public services, academic study is a means to an end. Gone are the principle acquisitions of enquiry; creative thought, critical thought, curiosity, idea generation and critical debate/discussion. Instead, our academic institutions breed intellectually deprived students, swallowing and regurgitating an overload of information, graded by their ability to memorise and thoughtlessly spew forth huge texts of, at times irrelevant information.
We are not creating the thinkers of the future. We are rehashing tired theory and spurious fact, so how can people comprehend today and adjust their ideas to cope with tomorrow?
in2it u 98.88b


  • At 2:39 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    darn...i am no carmen gonzales!

    essaystheoryinformation we privatise huge spurious

    thinkers are droopsoming in versities
    and alternative Internet academic trade information
    is logo money
    problem money

    so enquiries regurgitate primitive bullshit full of academic Tescos

    multicolor prostitutes relocate bacon to multiple female thinkers embued with a positive de rigueur business-led thought

    you people adjust future

    a huge study is on in all intellectually female institutions or services

    but you people adjust future

    interbred breed are the future

    they cope / attempt information cope intellectually and their cope is funded on (ARS-gone systems )

    vous people ad-juste l'avenir

    against the evocation of the irrelevant to the study of all live conversations

    i am an angry passey compossey

    i have repetition information on display

    i adjust myself to an inward fuck

    (crescent, i love you for reasons)

  • At 3:29 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Hey Carmen - That's real good and it made me laugh.

    a kiss from a drunkish crescent

    your reasons are intuitive, non?

  • At 4:01 pm , Blogger neon said...

    Carmen do you know how many mono-braincelled entities from the other dimension read this blog?

  • At 4:03 pm , Blogger neon said...

    remedies nor potency
    to disengage

    hope you had a nice vacation Crescent

  • At 4:47 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Hiya Neon

    I haven't checked me hits for ages, but it was about 3/4 thousand a month.

    Oh! yeah great vacation :-)

    I'll let you and Carmen sort it out ;-)
    Simon :-)

  • At 4:47 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    neon, i like you because Du bist ein Schenker....

    crescent, i like you because you are a bald smiling Virgo...

  • At 5:01 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Virgo - non!

    Bald - it's an illusion

    Smiling - well yeah! That's true :-)

  • At 5:04 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Carmen G. - She is bonita, non?

  • At 10:08 am , Blogger carmen said...


  • At 10:42 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    And that too!! :-)



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