15 May 2007

this day mid-may

I love my work
my work is love
the work is you
I love you and I love the work

the work is play
the work is you at play
I love all day with you in it

I love the night that softens day
soft cover over what is here
with pleasure of the living
of the life this present tense
repeatedly arriving
hitched to prior present tense

a separate moment
planned and found this living
thinking of the living
breathing living
working playing
in the working
and reversing living work
and loving play
all night the other
side of day


Sheila Murphy said...

this was posted on the wryting-l list yesterday, and I usually don't mix blog writings - but I wanted to share this with you all.

Crescentsi said...

That's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.

carmen racovitza said...

"work /love /play all is in mid-may /
day work, my love is work day above"

living , breathing - separate moments
the play I play is reversing the side of mid-may
you planned the love night
living the work softens the side of the day

because you side with the night
in the tense of a verb

hitched thinking

hi, sheila, your "this day mid-may " is very sweet...