7 May 2007

shadow on a limb that offers shade

fractions tempt wholeness
into being. when I close my eyes,
I lean open other cha,
grace trinkets its way forward into . . .

words with vowels pronounced
as song is
everlasting. when light emits
an inner steadiness, all cells

if conducive, membranes limn their way forward,
and time shifts into
times change.

Now is haste combined with fact,
the resurrection of the body
may mean infinite consequence
precedes even the thought
of doing or of being


carmen said...

combine time membranes

altho I lean on my inner trinkets

grace emits infinite change
now the shadow on a limb shows resurrection fractions
shade shows the limb type pronounced as shifts :

cha cha cha

(hi, sheila...)

Anonymous said...

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carmen said...

thanks, ash, you are making me dizzy....

crescent said...

Oh Yeah! Wonderful Sheila - your right on the pulse of things (doing, being) :-)

crescent said...

No it's not registered Ash - but it will be :-)

Unless your a horrible spammer....