23 Feb 2008

Vespers (45)

tapioca many moons
ago. my sleep forth
will arrive. doors still

close this vellum


assiduous refracts my day
dreams you
and ritornelli brand
my habit syst-

(away with logjam).

brainy bunch of feedlot ivy
looking lackeys. league in
sorghum. plickers.

slight bean count.
slight sheep hop
across the net.
I'm lying to my quintet
(other four).

forage in amid the weeds.
this silken circumstance. this
bleed-through on the take.

my sipping of kombucha tea.
my green. my white.

the swish of hydroperox-
for the mouth.

down south we furnish nothingly.

are you just haste?

mid-waste the time has nibbled
a young ear to take
liberty wingspan and endow it
with the body in the mind
and taste what wheat
shines silver.

this and thistles how we
slumbering will crave
dominion over ample simple
straying dark

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