6 Feb 2008

Midwife/Object 5 (Crescent/Carmen)

Look book re: re: renaissance artifish la remorsis et flow
shouting problem 3 leaves afloor
ed dapple consiguinity shopping trolley

airplane fast lane get right out brain drain wealth disruption counterpoint deception
I'm a thousand faces per
Berlin Wall leaf fall satanic mills belgian buns curse hearse nurse terse verse re

cherche balls pig
ment dissent absolution trust fund garter belt shopping centre credit crunch halfa mo'
re: re: re: renaissance I'm 60 faces in one hour @£5.50 twice to the dollar dissolve marble frontier blessed ear

to wristen aarchaic shrimps' pliet varse pick! traffic fathoms girls trousered in corse
its tits supermarket social housing and swimming pool hearing voices listening to noises off yer 'ead son anger EU manager

rent bent debt solutions rehousing for unemployment traces foreign faces
virtual places taxed to your buttercups and laces faces
re re re re renaissance I'm 6 faces to the cup breast feeds her

aphrodite sphynx prussian song explodes like material it
y u cant get a hair cut like Midge Ure I mean I've asked
him for it (mention John Lennon mention John Lennon £10 000 thank you very much sir

your pop poetry is just da ta ting to kill it off for good :-) )
;javascript ferkin hell bargain shoe fits good glue garage sale car boot
begin again then when?

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