11 Feb 2008

on the loss of a dear draft...

the ocean sleeps in a perspective coloured glass house
tide /wandering /overflowing inside birds eyes

the sleeping concierge of of light neaps around melodic lives /healed /
fragmenting masks/
giving free traffic to our posted eyes /of lives

we - like brine figures gaping at /dans la fenetre of the camera
dance dance dance like tide
dance /honey

on the other side of the world he lives among pressed /shapeless wolves
i can see him through window corners /through flesh fragmenting masks/

my trances / sparkle wasteful frenetic flesh

i butter your camera with new glass figurines in culture brine
implanted sweetness /liquid wolves turn your stars into wounded illuminance

guitars groan contrapunctally
the letter trances of my fiscal eye

waiting for lights



Crescentsi said...

endless minimising of fragments is the joint of breath the snap of touch the push and shove fabrics' woven eyes, knees immersion

carmen racovitza said...

he he he, nice words , simon, very nice words...