5 Feb 2008

New Motorway

traffic stretched the whole sense of it
to the last bathysphere of riddled out

to the traffic flow the illicitness of
death riding drugged loving fucking

to the coot or the sunrise
the kerb to the disaster
the flowers at roadside
the SatNav to the cliff edge

so book, woohoo you'd ne'er guess
the literacy of a car crash
babel like industrial menace
a disease Sisyphean
a metaphore for love

You'd think traffic calming
could clean out our kidneys
of toxic food implants
stressed avian

duck of a whole love out
pout about bla bla I want a new car
boohoo mine must be bigger than

gr8 mate mine's a vindaloo
3 fathoms high I drive like a wanker
I work as a banker
I have 3 degrees and a squashed child

Now wot u got?


ed schenk said...

i've got ...

the psychonautic easy rider
housebroken by civilization
a metaphore for
the thin layer of varnish
camouflaging our evolutionary roots
after all we were all
born to be wild

thanks Simon, a great poem

ed :)

Crescentsi said...

Thanks Ed :-)

That's a great response :-)


carmen racovitza said...

crescent, you caught me traffic -handed again..:) ;)