9 Feb 2008


frenetic disablement cache overflowing
birds a'tweeting 'twixt the concierge
of sotto voce permanent impermanence

soft twist mes suis enablement
contrapunctal contraposto duce legomenon
habla my terrible petite mort

my glass in windows sparkling like a banker
widows in cash coloured illuminance
cache du la busca para fragmenting

mask of flesh phonetically rich arboretum
imminence coins spinning magma of gold a text
of blood entre nous your dervish is wind swept

cache-cache kept our noons are dark with
neap tide of winter wondering through starlight
broken promises we give to keep flesh from flesh

displaced by an ocean a crime we slept a ponder
your blood like flesh sublime coruscating movement
in a camera's wink a pinhole eye of straying dark

by flowers perspective our lives are hectic a
melodic life by transience I've taken to dance into
the wee hours healed by movement music pondering

muscles aclactic action a beverage of shine
sleeping while dancing awake to the eyes of figures
brine a sleep of water liquid fenetre fiscal

and broken by tapestries of muscles and bones, joints
and groans a wolves eyes in the black cat's back
of guitar sprawling trances with eyes like stars

These eyes are waiting following our every move
dancing sleeping roaming eyes pressed upon your flesh
your wound of milk and honey through light and reason

our culture is treason sweetness and light another
bread and butter you sleep beautifully, dramatically
as cars posted through letter boxes, slips through

the docks I can feel the turn of the camera
as my eyes upon your breasts, traffic lights
a shudder of trains your slippage by other realms


Crescentsi said...

apologies if there are spelling errors - my spellchecker has packed up!
Blogger is becoming a pain because you insert a line between verses and it doesn't recognise it!! Anyone for editing html?!! Not me - no time!! :-)


Crescentsi said...

I think I sorted it out now !!

carmen racovitza said...

oh, crescent, beautiful poem, really beautiful...BEAUTIFUL

i answered it my way, but something stole my poem..it vanished...

i'll try another variant tomorrow...
right now i don't feel well, i'm afraid...:):):)

Crescentsi said...

I hope you feel better soon Carmen

Have you looked in drafts - it might be in there??

Thank you :-)


Cristina Ivan said...

beautiful poem...

i think this image could represent at least a part of your 'world' here...


Crescentsi said...

Thank you very much Krystynana :-)

I shall be in touch re: your Flickr mail :-)