8 Feb 2008


drain tits drain hair
fathom frontier
I'm bent to) ;javascript prussian anger


I'm faces / yer so good at re: braining faces

I've mo' re: I'm son at breast book
i am blessed to re cherche breast re:
buns et hair like dollar tits dollar verse swirl around
social renaissance
is afloor et cars ting re:
satanic tits hair for faces virtual per faces being re ) shopp/ed/ing :-)

oh, my poetry son laces re: poetry
laces good pick! manager rents buttercups and sends them over to
trousered sphynxes

ask him for noises ) he gets an accute renaissance deception
his many faces listening to song /hearing counterpoints
re fund anger after all
et your good anger re mean /s 000 much to me

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Crescentsi said...


Thank you for your video on Myspace - Unfortunately I can't post on Myspace at the moment!!