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19 Sep 2007


@ the moment Flickr obsess e motion we're perceiving ourselves again!! Transexual this transexual that - this taxidermy,this cosmetic surgery gone too far no? Some post Victoriana I guess the more haptic we get - did somebody say non substance, no it was the traffic a constant boring bore in the background the more poetic one gets one must lose the "poetry" of poetry. They won't let me perform dance, I'd accept it but dance is the main way in which we can stimulate new language to describe multicultural experience. Fuck! I'll have to write a to do list. Dance language allows the transformation of culture, in a way that words would only hamper.

For example:
I, 1 man alone
U I plus I, me and U
T, a crucifix, to stand with arms splayed
O to inspire, an absence of, or two c's, somehow feminine.
S to slant, snake like, submissive perhaps, or smiling (mirroring facial expressions).
F, feminine an extended arm to denote empathy.

and so on so forth. Dance also allows touch and breaks down social conventions and allows experimentation between differing cultures. This has to be more important than the political approach of squeezing our behaviour by restrictive legislation, here, there, everywhere!!

To Do List:
Buy a video camera
Do some dancing
Stick it on the Internet.


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