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8 Sep 2007

To the Moon

appropriateness de rigueur this is cinema
half cocked and where has you been, taxidermi
suffrage a good groan you must have a degree
to perform dance

a career change dancing at professional
level means nothing without
a degree like any profession
(she liketh wan and pretty certificatage)

I would talk about slippage but
fucks sake I ain't no snake my presence
is status by the way I cock and sneer
or drum my fingers

to 3 degrees or sooner or later a compromised
self (needless or quietly needy)
is a compromised other self (mismatched) try to be gay
yah yah yag a witless half an ounce

of female construes a robot age is in
to affect us from the immigration
we must martyrdom of anything vaguely

scientific or that otherwise makes fuck all sense
neither histoire (slippage 2)
animalism (perennial slips)
my director is an eighteen year old girl

It sucks! But I'm further from human essence
by acting out its condition - I don't compare women
to animals (I leave that to women)
feminism is its opposite after all

is said and done I don't expect no money
from it moon 10
looking at Google Earth we see
how we're all fucking omniscient

drop the phrase Matthew Arnold hyperperplexiaparadoxium
this is hapax legomenon
by discontinuity I am original


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