27 Sep 2007

Vespers (17)

light the color of champagne
invents morning in response
to morning here within
the current tense
sheer curtains veil young colored
atmosphere from inner
light frail as a photograph
in sepia
the slim parsed light
away from here
becalms the spoken genuflection
now the hour and at our beck
and comma because
falt lines simmer in the breath
and ponds are there
the stream also
as if clean daylight
led to other moments
traced to this
and we can gather
every moment of the pacing
and the transitive
miscues and bloodlines
where the veins run
sweetness also fuel
also configured to mean
supple in the way the mind
can choose to parse
what comes in feeling form
and patches places
already repaired
and chooses from
a gathering of haste and moisture
larvae and venting to come


carmen racovitza said...

"and here's a photograph

light configured as color
second/ hour

we were by the pond from what i recall
we saw bloodlines in the rugged atmosphere of light champagne


the slim, clean light belonged to a transitive morning
a transitive daylight was simmering the haste lines of trees caught in/venting supple moisture

sepia larvae in sepia streams -

remember the frail moments of colored veins
gathering sweetness


patch your mind curtains
also feeling repaired response

commas places tenses young fuel pace every text

run morning"

for sheila

Anonymous said...

Good. I enjoyed it.

carmen racovitza said...

yes, mutley, sheila's poems are beautiful and calm...

Sheila Murphy said...

Very grateful for this. You are wonderful.

carmen racovitza said...