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14 Sep 2007

Vespers (13)

air conditioning prolongs the sound of storm within the confines of this house.
within the confines of this house are fine slabs of absorbent wood.
fine slabs of absorbent wood help one remember why the quiet here makes sense.
the quiet here makes sense always a blessing is in process.

a blessing is in progress that confirms about the lake all that we bring here.
all that we bring here concerns portability that goes with feeling.
portability that goes with feeling shapes us into better beings.
better beings prepare for better lives shouldered by early versions of perfection.

early versions of perfection help an individual find sleep.
an individual finds sleep after incessent seeming daylight.
incessent seeming daylight comes to fruition that remains half small.
fruition that remains half small epitomizing commitment distinguished from indulgence.

commitment distinguished from indulgence paves the avenues.
the avenues define how we are viewed by others living on this block.
others living on this block whisper to pictures of narcissus.
pictures of narcissus are the only moment to improve on the original.


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