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1 Sep 2007

Yell Saccani

Occasionally I find an artist whose work fascinates and baffles me. Yell Saccani is one such artist. I have never seen anything quite like Yell's work, it strikes me as very original. If I was an art critic or historian in the West, I may describe Yell's work as "Outsider Art, composed using digital means with an accent on the macabre" or something similar. Of course, this labelling is rendered completely irrelevant when attempting to comprehend and appreciate art by Yell or similar artists from outside the West. Yell's art and work by other,similar artists will lead us to rethink our conception of art and art history in the West.

The above picture is entitled "Me Trying to Choose...Dark or Light?" by Yell Saccani (Copyright Yell Saccani - all rights reserved).


  • At 3:40 pm , Blogger Little Lamb said...

    I like this.

  • At 3:42 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Yes it's so unusual. As I said I've never seen anything like her art before :-)


  • At 3:51 pm , Blogger Little Lamb said...

    I might have known, another woman. But, still, its interesting.

    You and women.

    I have an online friend who is very interested in some woman he works with and it gets more complicated than that. Now he's thinking about someone in his past.

    He's single too, Simon.

  • At 6:21 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Haha!! I can't resist!!! lol

    No - I think keep relationships simple. Complications are useless. If he can't get the one he works with then look eleswhere - and the past is positive coz we can learn from it - but dwelling on it??? Yuk - No good.


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