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26 Sep 2007

light vespers 16


do construed Syllables count in the worktext ??


the tons of moss in me

require more rain

consistent , but transparent moss-slick surfaces cover cheek bones and eyes


in open open daylight


child droplets slick, child droplets slick

rain again

rain chooses her footsteps carefully home

joining Platonic vegetation


  • At 11:15 am , Blogger crescent said...

    Ke 03589 re 5 67 u TT s 4

    objetif 468 decipher J

  • At 12:59 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    ^&II $%" i &645.q[e it's
    e motion

  • At 1:01 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Don't arbitraryfey my words

    they are absolute Rit.


  • At 1:59 pm , Blogger carmen said...

    you've always been Rit/ualistic, crescent...:)
    i see you in a new Lit/osphere...:)

  • At 8:03 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    I think it's the end of poetry.

    I will now be extraordinarily unpopular on this blog - but I think it is.

    re: ecriture
    re: many publishers not wanting to publish new poetry
    re: higher levels of literacy and education
    re: the "new media age" Poetry is of books and pages, new media is very different - about movement light, colour and sound.

    I think text in art will continue and words in video/film.
    Poetry is a precise use of language, today poetry must reflect abitraryness. Arbitraryness ultimately means meaninglessness (or similar) and poetry becomes abitrary its self, if it tries to reflect this.

    New Media Poetry (visual, etc.) reflects New Media occurances that are already present. If they are already present (serving an artistic function) then why poeticise them through description?

    The poetry on the Internet that is "cutting edge" and reflects the abitraryness of Western culture, becomes unfathomable to the reader; a complexity of meanings and ideas that will escape the majority of readers. Therefore, communication to a public is lost....



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