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9 Mar 2007

crescent/shielaMurphy/carmen 1

Catch 9. opus proliferate emblem I.T. Y
over set 6 Kris appertain involve (dis sect)
Harjinder flow 8 flicker
corrupted (etre] vous ass ymetric real
ness 45. clone shifts (essex)

erica 34 shows katha skulled
section slivers quel nombre? 8 r45 (dis linkage)
repeat instep q99 quel abre mon (to the top... we would never)

cort imitation(trace) awryness tis imag (GET OFF)
in e set she he blue blue blue
blue blue blue
take blue blue blue immerse 5 (hue an

cry) flying jackie I am as a nest
walks menage a compaigne
dirty fucker on i love frolicking weathermen
cellulite repose
6 shape (flailing) entre fuck 6 o'verte
penis Juliette

10/7 cash mnemonicarreteplietstop page
carl reform immense circular dragon
of [tat) a cityscape o'er
python esque (recherche mon amour) que quel c'est (drive)
the drama qu(2.1)een


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