29 Mar 2007


listen to respect for silence
by the violets and the conscience
and the quiet place the birds lie down

is nest a form of truth
do tribes grow silent
in the way the body plans
its solo light
true light

how might one sift the little things
from rationales for flight

the sessions are a lifetime
and the lifetime is a string
of sessions and impediments
the darkness made for earth
reveals the earth

the injuries not quite accumulated
leave their blight in place
the damages one leaves behind
from rumored strength
exceeding selves and limber
moments of the alphabet and clock

a prescient moment is precise
as it is clear for every moment
of existence simpler than we thought


carmen racovitza said...

a lifetime

and birds nest strength
exceeding simpler

strings of blight injuries
like violets
rationales for selves and things

alphabets grow in their thought earth reveals the clock of things earth reveals accumulated leave accumulated leave

hi, sheila

Crescentsi said...

Hiya Carmen

I like your comments on Sheila's poems. If you like you can stick them on a post. Although, I think I said that before!!


carmen racovitza said...

no, let them die, simon...

Crescentsi said...


Little Lamb said...

No, Carmen, don't let them die.

carmen racovitza said...

then let them sleep, LL...

Little Lamb said...

Carmen, why can't you do as Simon suggests?