17 Mar 2007

Vespers (1) for Carmen

breathe night into this flute
and let the night be wind
within warm body
of tone cover the tone
with surface and allow
the surface to include
the tone so surface
is held by breath
and breath is tone
allow the tone to keep
still keep its structure
being defined even
as breath is let go
into the flute of surface
flute of distance
flute of here flute of breath


crescent said...

I like this - the repetition, the simplicity, the sparse use of words, that allow perceptions to work, rather than the poet trying to describe sense impression in minute detail.


It reminds me of pop lyrics aswell mmmm..

carmen said...


flute tone holds body surface in levitation
structure tone covers surfaces

the night of flute)

Sheila,your poem is perfect...smooth and clever and subtle...thanks...