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1 Mar 2007


your years accumulate (the orangeyellow daisies line the median)
and we can walk upon the syllables
astride varieties of light
rising to meet eyesight of these children
we inhabit with our lines of code
as vessels to contain
in daylight what a life would be

infractions temper how the world is
still and full and tingling
and the lark prunes sadness for our day
our senses brush the still life
with earned stamina finding
dimension that conflates more moments
into absorption in the psyche
stretches across a little parable
of distance

strain releases from its habit system
gestures that betray a line of mental
broth, the saving mention of an instant
recognized about a person in a world
tested for sure fit amid distractions
and the center stage intention
of a warmth that's clear and tasted
for the sprawl it occupies
across a world and in a molecule of mind


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