19 Mar 2007


white is plated and division
is a problem. rice is glue.
look between the window rinds.
some evidence of pathways

hardened into fact
deters new walking.

what is history if not proof
of filled aloofness?
let us play.

the down light in my living room
contrives a view of symmetry.

I'm going to take liberties
with how you brush the earth.

I'm going to donate happiness
where you have least expected to find

corrosive inference deveins a limited rendition
of converted earth.

come hither.
you afford repentence.
you, devoid of enterprise, begin to breathe in
how the atmosphere converts
each symptom to its place of birth.

1 comment:

carmen said...

(symptoms play. in the how play.

view plated . hardened walking.
you do wrong to my white symmetry.
and view glues aloofness.

atmosphere. plated atmosphere.

atmosphere going between light and white rice.)

sheila, your poem is a "view of refined symmetry"...
you , japanese!