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29 Mar 2007


98the reflector (stills) instead projects me disappointedly with the anticipation, because my finger was still on button side shivering hi humpty dumpty and she was walking past the(close)How not to right a poem may be the edge
the distance between your feet and your armpit(gain) I
am humpty dumpty i triggered the key his half(porridge) elicit
esoshape endoscar exotwat workin for fuckin peanuts what thingy these are all suggestions kuh
I am imagining to hear puff the palpitation sound am
because i am fantasizing all kinds of you esogenericeucalyptus bauhaus kathakali falling (remit) gain gallop performery elegaic tree form banter gat haka mudras pre (exit) fashion curl housing shortage casino solvent
remy and her goat//the fis//band 4//what am i supposed to do//39456803//fuck me//can i have a token//you have to be dead for that
falls the western empire to the new pangea No twelve sets quiet times you say?


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