19 Mar 2007

dance to the rythm of the war

Dance to the rythm of the war

For some of us it's still just to soon

Years ago I played synthesizer in a band, one of our most successful on stage tunes had the chorus "dance to the rythm of the war" and the audience did exactly that. Only a few recognized the irony. Back then the tune was a crossover between funk and what we thought was a cherokee wardance. The tune I present now is a crossover between drum 'n bass, electro punk and new age.
I'm not sure why I made this tune + video. Maybe because the emotional undercurrent in our timeframe has a _remote_ resemblance to the era preceeding 1914. Then the world knowingly or unknowingly rushed into what some people saw as "the happy war" now known as the "great war". Or maybe I made this for my students who hate my math lectures, grow up in an increasingly xenophobic society and like to play "Gears of war" all day. (not necessarily in that order)

Anyway, I hope somebody downloads this tune and takes it to a local club and invokes the irony of the "dance to rythm of the war" and perhaps sparks some thoughts.

The videoclip is designed for the large screens most clubs today have. The clip is a visual rollercoaster, the start is a take off in a jet plane and it ends with a glorious combat kill straight from "Gears of war". The main ingredients of the music are a vintage Korg MS20 analog synthesizer, a text to speach processor from Microsoft plus a load of digital voodoo. By the way the voice over is a plug-in nicked Microsoft Sam.

Of course i have youtubed this, what else, however the youtube quality is mediocre, for a reasonable full screen quality please download a wmv file here >>> dance to the rythm of the war.


Crescentsi said...

F*cking hell Neon - This is good!! Excuse my language please!!

I think this chap uses video other than Utube


Crescentsi said...

It reminds me of MARS "Pump up the Volume", which I think was released in the 80's.

That was ***** good as well!!


harry k stammer said...
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harry k stammer said...

jammin in F

love it, harry

Crescentsi said...

Hi Harry!

Nice to here from you!